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Welcome to Aurora Speech Clinic!

Welcome to Aurora Speech Clinic! Although our clinic has been operating in Aurora since 2010, it is with great enthusiasm that we announce new ownership as of April 2017. The introduction of our blog is particularly exciting since it will allow us to share what we are passionate about with our online community: current topics in development, evaluation, treatment and research of speech, language and learning skills!

Allow us to introduce ourselves!

We are owned and operated by two Speech-Language Pathologists who have studied and worked in some of North America’s most respected institutions and clinical settings. Our years of experience providing speech and language services to preschoolers, school-aged children and adults have allowed us to develop the skills necessary to evaluate and treat communication difficulties across the lifespan. In addition, our commitment to lifelong learning keeps us up-to-date on current topics and innovative approaches in the field of Speech-Language Pathology!

We are so glad you’re here!

If communication skills are something you have been thinking about – you’re in the right place. Our clinic is committed to providing quality, collaborative, evidence-based practice to the clients we serve. And now, we invite you to frequent our blog, where you can come to expect regular posts that:

  • Introduce our clinic and staff

  • Inform you about speech and language development milestones

  • Discuss current trends in speech and language intervention

  • Report on current findings in speech and language research

  • Answer questions related to speech, language or learning development and difficulties

  • Provide information about related skills, services and professionals

  • Connect with you through community outreach activities and events

Thanks for stopping by – and be sure to come again!

Follow us and reach out when you have questions or comments about topics in speech, language and learning.

If you live in the Aurora or the surrounding area and wish to inquire about our clinic services you can call us at (905) 503-4321.

We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Jill and Stephanie

Registered Speech-Language Pathologists

Aurora Speech Clinic

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