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Occupational Therapy Services
Child cutting with scissors

We are excited to be offering Occupational Therapy assessment, consultation, and treatment services at Aurora Speech Clinic!

Who are we?


Occupational therapists (OTs) are regulated health professionals who work with individuals to enable them to participate in the activities that they want or need to do on a daily basis. OTs treat individuals across the lifespan; their role is focused on enhancing an individual’s functioning in their daily activities, including self-care, leisure and productivity tasks.

What do we do?

At Aurora Speech Clinic, we assess and treat children in the following areas:

  • Fine motor skills (i.e. handwriting, pencil grasp, cutting)

  • Gross motor skills (i.e. ball skills, balance, coordinating movement)

  • Daily living skills (i.e. dressing, toileting, self-feeding)

  • Feeding skills (i.e. limited food preferences or picky eater)

  • Sensory processing (i.e. avoids or seeks certain textures or movements)

  • Self-Regulation (i.e. attention, impulsivity, emotional regulation

Our OTs have experience with the following treatment approaches:

Why do we do it?


Occupational therapy in children helps them to thrive in their home and school environments by providing a holistic approach to enhancing their independence and self-esteem in everyday activities. OT focuses on maximizing a child’s function in their occupations through skill development, task and/or environmental modifications and use of adapted tools to best support them in engaging in their daily lives.

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