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Baby Time

Sing and Say: Baby Circle Time

This is not just your ordinary circle time! Join our Registered Speech-Language Pathologist in circle time with your babe (under 12 months) for songs, nursery rhymes and stories. In addition, each week, a new topic related to communication will be covered including: early language skills, early speech production skills, play skill development, early literacy, and much more! Hot topics such as sippy cup-use, pacifier use, baby sign and more will be addressed by this registered healthcare professional. This group is the passion project of one of our owners; it was born out of Stephanie’s search for the best circle time, with her infant daughter Scarlett- who may or may not crash a few of the classes at ASC!

Topics will include:


Week 1- Intro to the group and pre-language skills (i.e. the skills your baby needs to master before learning to talk) and how to facilitate them, including imitation skills, response to name, object permanence, etc.

Week 2- Gestures. The importance of gesture use and how to facilitate the development of gestures at home. Also- Is baby sign right for my child?

Week 3- Speech. Speech sound development norms and how to promote the emergence of speech sounds (from coos, goos, and raspberries to consonants)

Week 4- Language. The difference between receptive and expressive language, the emergence of first words, and how to promote language development at home.

Week 5- Play. The importance of play skills and the relationship between play, language and cognition. How to choose the right toys for your child’s developmental stage. 

Week 6- Literacy. How to promote early literacy right from birth.

Moms and Babies

Participation fee: $270.00. This class might be covered by your benefits plan under “Speech-Language Pathology Services”. A receipt will be provided to submit for reimbursement. Try before you buy! Come see what we are all about. If you and your babe love the class, payment is due in full before the second session. No refunds for missed sessions.

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