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Speech-Language Pathology Services
for Adults

Speech-language pathologists identify, diagnose and treat communication and swallowing disorders across the lifespan. The human experience, if nothing else, is to share a meal and conversation with family and friends. At any age, communication and swallowing difficulties can negatively impact self-esteem, confidence, relationships, vocational aspirations, education and health, as well as family, workplace, and community participation. 















Communication disorders commonly experienced by adults include:

  • Language Disorders - Difficulty formulating, expressing and/or understanding language in any modality (i.e., speaking, understanding, reading, and/or writing).

  • Cognitive-Communication Disorders - Difficulty with communication as a result of underlying cognitive deficits, (i.e., as a result of decreased attention, memory, reasoning and/or executive function skills).

  • Speech Disorders - Impaired or unintelligible speech production due to misarticulation of speech sounds and/or dysprosody. 

  • Fluency Disorders (Stuttering) - A disorder of speech production in which the natural flow of speech is disrupted by involuntary repetitions, prolongations, and/or pauses. 

  • Voice Disorders - An abnormality of pitch, volume and/or vocal quality. 

  • Resonance Disorders - A dysfunction of oral and nasal airflow affecting verbal communication. 

  • Hearing Disorders - An impairment in the auditory system affecting the perception of sounds, including speech sounds, in the environment.

In addition, dysphagia is an impairment or disorder of the process of deglutition affecting the oral, pharyngeal and/or esophageal phases of swallowing.


Speech-language pathologists are highly skilled healthcare professionals who aim to maximize life participation for adults with communication and swallowing disorders. If you’ve experienced a change in your ability to communicate or swallow as a result of an underlying medical condition or as a part of aging, contact us today. 

Adapted from the Practice Standards and Guidelines for the Assessment of Adults by Speech-Language Pathologists published by CASLPO, 2018.

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